Why is it important to prepare your will?

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By Audrey on October 16, 2009

Your will guarantees that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes. If you do not have a will, there are no mechanisms in place for your legacy to be fulfilled as you desire. Here are the general steps to take in order for your wishes to be respected.

  1. Make a detailed list of your assets (financial resources, real estate, vehicles, jewellery, valuable objects, musical instruments, etc.).
  2. Make a list of the organizations or causes that you would like to support (consult our directory of the partner organizations of LEAVE A LEGACYTM).
  3. Make an appointment with a professional advisor (for example, a financial analyst, notary or planned giving professional) to discuss your options. They can help you determine the option most suitable to your situation and your family.

(How to find an advisor?)