How to broach the subject with your clients?

How to broach the subject with your clients?

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Our fellow citizens are more and more committed to offering significant contributions toward the well-being of our community. Very often, your clients will themselves offer clues that will allow you to help them materialize their generosity.

Including planned giving in your client interview checklist does not diminish your neutrality in the eyes of your clients. It does not imply that you will encourage them to deprive their heirs or influence their choice of charity. In our checklist, you will find useful questions when discussing planned giving with your clients.

Here are a few questions to guide you:

  • Does your client contribute to any charitable organizations? Does your client wish to plan a donation as part of his/her legal or financial arrangements?
  • Does your client want to set up an endowment fund to ensure the perpetuity of his/her donation?
  • Does your client wish to make a donation to honour the memory of a loved one?
  • How will the donation help the organization fulfill its mission?

Your client might have more specific questions on planned giving; more information is at your disposal on this Web site:

What are the benefits of a planned gift?   What is a planned gift?Organizations’ point of view
What organizations have missions relating to my chosen cause?   Directory of organizations
What do I need to remember when planning a gift? 


How to plan a gift ?

You can obtain part of this information directly from the charitable organizations, without breaching the confidentiality of your client. You can also consult our list of participating organizationsor order a printed copy of our directory by contacting us by email

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