Media exposure

Media exposure

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LEAVE A LEGACYTM Québec has been present in Quebec’s prominent media for many years.

Increase your visibility!

Names and contact details of the partner organizations and their contact person are displayed on printed or radio advertisements in accordance to the partnership established with each organization.

Printed Advertisements

The publicity of LEAVE A LEGACYTM Québec is published repeatedly in various publications throughout the province when they cover subjects linked to planned giving or when their supplements target potential donors:

  • Daily newspapers: Le Devoir, La Presse, Le Soleil, The Gazette
  • Weekly publications: Les Affaires
  • Monthly publications: Magazine Bel Âge, Le journal de Bel Âge, Senior Times, Conseillers, journal de la Chambre de la Sécurité Financière

Advice Columns

LEAVE A LEGACYTM Québec regularly publishes columns written by experts. They explain in a clear and concise manner a subject pertaining to planned giving. For example:

Monthly Columns regional editions

Since December 2010, French columns, with content written by LEAVE A LEGACYTM Québec, will be published monthly in the following regional editions:

Rive-Sud Express – L’Action of Joliette – Le Trait d’union of Terrebonne –  Le Courrier Laval – L’Appel from Québec – L’Express of Drummondville – La Nouvelle Union of Victoriaville – L’Hebdo from Saint-Maurice – L’Hebdo journal of Trois-Rivières – Le Courrier of Saguenay City – Journal Le Nord of Saint-Jérôme – L’Abitibi Express – Le Courrier du Sud (South Shore of Montreal)

The objective of this operation is to allow Leave A LegacyTM Québec to accelerate its regional penetration. If results are positive, other editions might be added in 2011/2012.

Radio Campaign

A thirty second French radio advertisement (download here) was broadcasted in Montreal and Quebec City from November 1 to 21 2010 and from May 9 to June 5 and from November 7 to December 4 of this year:

  • 98.5 (CHMP-FM) in Montréal
  • 99.7 (Radio-Classique Montréal CJPX-FM) in Montréal
  • 92.7 (Radio-Classique Québec CJSQ-FM) in Québec
  • 102.9 (CFOM-FM) in Québec
  • 102.7 (CITE-FM-1) in Sherbrooke
  • 96.9 (CFIX-FM) for Saguenay City

And for the first time Leave A LegacyTM Québec recorded and produced a radio spot in English! The ad (download here) will run from May 9 to 26 on the airwaves:

  • 800 AM (CJAD) in Montréal


It often happens that journalists of daily papers write and publish a text on planned giving and refer to LEAVE A LEGACYTM Québec and the local gestures of partner organizations. (Le Soleil, Le Nouvelliste, La Presse, The Gazette, ….).

On the Web

Facebook Page: LEAVE A LEGACYTM Québec created its Facebook page, join us!

Social media such as Facebook allows us quick dissemination of information on the Internet. By creating a network of friends-supporters of your organizations, they will in turn publish your activities, news…

In the Professional Media

Publicity for LEAVE A LEGACY Québec appeared in the newspaper, Entracte, distributed to all members of the Chambre des Notaires du Québec and in the issue Guide pratique : Les successions, Questions de loi, questions de choix of the Protégez-vous collection (2011) as well as other Professional media.

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