What is a planned gift?

What is a planned gift?

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A donation resulting from financial, tax or estate planning:

  1. It is immediate or deferred.
  2. It reflects the philanthropic desires and objectives of the donor.
  3. It takes into consideration the various aspects of the donor’s motivation (personal, family, fiscal).

Different types of planned giving exist, each of which offer different fiscal advantages.

Planned giving provides concrete and lasting results. It allows charitable organizations to benefit from the long-term funding that they need in order to administer the services necessary to maintain and improve the quality of life within their respective communities.

Speak to a legal or fiscal advisor (notary, lawyer, financial planner, accountant) for help in choosing the type of donation that meets your needs and those of your family or contact the charitable organization of your choice.

Whatever the amount considered, your planned gift is important to the beneficiary. Planned giving is an important gesture; LEAVE A LEGACYTM Québec can help you with the process.