What is the purpose of a planned gift?

What is the purpose of a planned gift?

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By planning a gift, you are actively contributing to the advancement of education, health, culture and environment as well as participating in the improvement of the quality of life in your community or in communities around the world.

Help those who outlive you

Many circumstances remind us of the importance of providing long-term funding for the organizations devoted to managing projects that contribute to the personal development of the members of our community.

Perpetuate your memory or that of a loved one

Choosing to leave a gift from the heart brings meaning, dignity and purpose to a life well lived. Your gift is your opportunity to participate in the charitable and community work most meaningful to you, in a way that allows these important causes to be well supported now and long after you have gone.

Improve the living conditions of those less fortunate

Charitable organizations implement numerous programs such as meals for the elderly who are isolated, summer jobs for students from economically marginalized homes as well as many other projects which support those in need.

Give long term support

Charitable organizations need financial support from as many people as possible in order to survive and pursue their mission.

Source: CROP study in 2005 and survey conducted by LEAVE A LEGACYTM Quebec in 2000

And my love ones, you ask ?

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