Why plan a gift?

Why plan a gift?

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Altruistic reasons generally motivate people to make a planned gift*. The main reasons that lead Quebeckers to do so are:

  • belief in contributing to an important cause,
  • desire to make a gesture that will outlive them,
  • community involvement,
  • gratitude towards an organization,
  • contribution to a better future.


It is recommended to obtain information on the objectives pursued by the organizations and ensure that they are aligned with your desires. Do not hesitate to contact the person responsible for planned giving, within the charitable organization(s) to which you are planning to donate, in order to discuss how your gift will be used.



A gesture that prolongs life

How to plan a gift?


*Source: CROP study in 2005 and survey conducted by LEAVE A LEGACYTM Québec in 2000