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LEAVE A LEGACYTM Quebec wishes to thank those who have come forth to share their philanthropic gesture. These testimonials encourage other people to plan a gift in order to give back what society has given them.


Stories of donors and those who promote planned giving

It is life experience or a triggering event that encouraged them to plan an important gesture towards one or many charities. They planned to donate part of their legacy to these charitable organizations after making sure the future of their family and loved ones was reasonably protected.

Pauline Tremblay’s Fund for the Héma-Québec Foundation

“In 2006-2007, Mrs. Pauline Tremblay, of Gatineau, created the Pauline Tremblay Fund.  She is the second person to start a fund; Patrick Bérard, who was a member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, was the first.  Mrs. Tremblay has made donations as a testimony of her appreciation for the individuals who, through their blood donations, helped ease and prolong the life of her spouse, who was struck by cancer.  She has become, over the years, the largest individual donor of the Foundation. The Pauline Tremblay Fund joins four other existing funds at the Foundation: the Association of Blood Donation Volunteers’ Fund, the Stem Cell Fund, the Human Tissue Fund and the Patrick Bérard Fund.”

Arthur Diamond’s Foundation for the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal

“In a community of leaders, Arthur Diamond shines. Whether giving or setting the standards for others, he recognizes opportunities for charitable giving and good business. Recently, he transferred marketable securities to the Foundation. The shares were then sold for $100,000 to establish his Annual Campaign Endowment, or ACE. The proceeds will go directly to the annual Combined Jewish Appeal campaign.

” It’s important to me to ensure that my annual gift is protected, no matter what happens.” he says.

Arthur’s Foundation “portfolio” is diverse. It includes a signed Letter of Intent and the Arthur Diamond Endowment Fund established several years ago. A Book of Life signee, he has instilled his passion for community in his four children – all of whom share his sense of communal involvement. Clearly, Arthur Diamond’s determination to contribute to the future strength of Montreal’s Jewish community is an ongoing commitment and a way of life.”

Henriette and Gilles

“Giving is part of our life style. It is important for us to set an example for our children… If you believe that the community is important and that it can and must help those less fortunate, it is important to support its activities.”


“I thought one had to be rich to make a charitable bequest. I was wrong. After having added up the value of my life insurance, my RRSP, my savings and my personal assets, I realized that I could leave behind an interesting legacy. There was enough for both my children and my favourite charity.”


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